OEE MEASURES UTILIZATION OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness is simply a measure of the utilization of your capital equipment.  OEE is a common measurement tool that utilizes 3 pieces of data: Availability, Performance and Quality; to help a company understand their equipment’s true capacity and make strategic plans. Though OEE is not an improvement tool…

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What Makes Us Unique as a Metal Fabricator

Counterpart, Inc. has been in the metal fabricating business since 1995, and through the many years, we have grown to serve our many industrial partners with a particular mindset: customer focused service, driven by quality. Our foundation is the idea that we are in business to build relationships and serve our customers, as well as…

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Core Values Of Metal Fabrication Company

Counterpart Building - exterior

Counterpart, Inc. began as a 2,400 square foot building on the west side of Brookings, SD. Today, our business runs as a fully integrated greenfield site with more than 80,000 square feet under one roof. We serve a wide range of markets, including component parts, weldments, assemblies and enclosures for construction, agricultural, power generation, after-market…

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