What Makes Us Unique as a Metal Fabricator

Counterpart, Inc. has been in the metal fabricating business since 1995, and through the many years, we have grown to serve our many industrial partners with a particular mindset: customer focused service, driven by quality.

Our foundation is the idea that we are in business to build relationships and serve our customers, as well as their brand. We never stop refining our processes, and we always strive to innovate where we can.

By continuously improving, we help our customers grow and better service their customers’ needs. Additionally, our dedication to investing in the very latest in sheet metal fabrication equipment allows us to offer industry leading quality and delivery performance.

Customer Service at Counterpart, Inc.

Our primary objective in customer service is to understand our customers’ demands and communicate a plan for achieving their goals. We do this not only through interacting with the customer, but building up our team with knowledgeable experts.

When we work on a project, we make sure that the process, from the first meeting to completion of delivery, is outlined for the client. We place a high value on transparency, and will never hesitate to give an update on a project’s status

Our high standards become evident when touring our factory and conversing with our employees.

Much of our staff has been with us for well over 10 years, and several for over 20. Our extensive experience is a tremendous asset for employee training programs and helps us build our culture.

To continuously strengthen our workforce, we conduct employee reviews and hold ourselves accountable to our core values: collaboration, accountability, integrity, trustworthiness, continuous improvement, and a can-do-attitude.

We apply these values to ourselves, and to every interaction with our customers. We set high standards for ourselves and our services, and we are not happy unless the customer is, from concept to design, and from production to delivery.

If something is wrong, we work to make it right directly with the customer. Our reputation is built on our fabrication quality and service, and we work to keep it with every project we work on.

Combining Exceptional Customer Support with Industrial Metal Fabrication Services

Customer service is crucial for us as a manufacturer, but so is our fabrication abilities.

Our facility utilizes both time-honored and cutting edge technology to make reliable parts, including CNC punching, forming and laser cutting.

Another upgrade to our portfolio of machines includes a robotic laser welder, the TRUMPF TruLaser Weld 5000 Cell.

With its ability to enhance value and performance, laser welding has become a way for us to bring new opportunities to our customer base, in addition to our already comprehensive range of metal fabrication services.

We understand that as a value-added supplier, our parts are often near the point of shipment for our customers. In-time delivery and in-spec parts are paramount to everything we do, and we are dedicated to that.

Working with Us

Our investments in time, people, training, process improvement, equipment, and cleanliness all allow us to be a valued part of our customers’ supply chain.

From our raw metal sheets, to our cutting process, and all the way down to our shipping logistics, we make sure that we are the best industrial fabricators we can be.

Customer focused and quality driven–that’s what Counterpart, Inc. is all about.