Our Story

Counterpart was incorporated in 1995 by Don Deibert and Jeff Jacobson. Tom Jacobson joined the team in 1996 and along with Jeff Jacobson and Don Deibert, spent the last 25-plus years investing in people, equipment, and our community. Starting in a small building on the west side of Brookings, SD we have grown into our own fully integrated greenfield site with over 80,000 square feet under one roof. From the beginning, Counterpart, Inc. has believed in offering our customers a partner who will foster growth, improve quality and consistency, reduce cost through improved design for manufacturability, and strategically reduce lead times. Owners have brought over 45 years of combined manufacturing and engineering expertise available for our customers to leverage.

Today, we leverage our Core Values of Collaboration, Accountability, Integrity, Trustworthiness, Continuous Improvement, and Can-Do Attitude in all facets of our day-to-day business.  With customers across the entire United States, we have the capacity and logistics required to reach any satellite facility or direct-to-customer locations. 

We take pride in our ability to help our customers improve their supply chain.  We take pride in being a partner who helps grow the brand of our customers.  And we take pride in offering our employees a safe, clean, and challenging place to work.

Counterpart Building - exterior

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Counterpart, Inc.

Industrial Metal Fabrication

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