Our New Laser Welding Services

As a complete precision metal fabrication company, we make it a priority to invest in the latest technology advancements in fabricating.

Laser welding is an advanced method used to conjoin metals together by use of a laser beam. It allows for more high precision welding capabilities with less grinding than traditional MIG welding.

The Counterpart Inc. team is excited to be able to work with customers from design to assembly on the many applications of this technology! Learn more about the benefits and how we can put our laser welding services to use for improving your business.

Top 4 Benefits of Laser Welding Technology

Laser welding supports many industries by cutting lead times and labor costs — inevitably growing your bottom line.

According to MaschinenMarkt International, laser welding is becoming more and more widely used. The automotive industry is a prime example of manufacturers welding with lasers for engine parts, fuel injectors, and other uses. That’s because the process automates the ability to weld components with a constricted heat source.

At Counterpart, Inc., we’re ready to collaborate with your design team to deliver assemblies that are in spec and on-time. Besides enhancing productivity and performance for our customers, here are other key benefits behind this technology.

1. 6-8x Faster than Standard MIG Welding
Our Trumpf Trulaser Weld 5000 Cell machine welds 6-8x faster than standard MIG welding machines. High-speed robotic welding with this machine increases the production of high volume parts.

2. Better Accuracy and High Precision
The speed, accuracy, and precision of laser welding makes it easier than ever to weld parts of a variety of sizes. From small to large weldments, we can get extremely precise with less part non-value added operations such as grinding and sanding.

3. Reduced Heat Distortion for Consistent Quality With a low heat application there is less distortion to metal materials. Seams from welding are nearly impossible to see and do not require labor intensive grinding and sanding.

4. Consistent, Easily Repeatable Welding Since this type of welding method allows for repeatable welding, our assemblers can create consistent and complicated joins. When it’s too difficult to traditionally weld materials, laser welding can be a good solution.

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Now that you know more about what laser welding can do for your business, we welcome you to work with us and see if our new technology can help to improve your bottom line and grow your supply chain.

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