Core Values Of Metal Fabrication Company

Counterpart, Inc. began as a 2,400 square foot building on the west side of Brookings, SD. Today, our business runs as a fully integrated greenfield site with more than 80,000 square feet under one roof.

We serve a wide range of markets, including component parts, weldments, assemblies and enclosures for construction, agricultural, power generation, after-market automotive, medical, food service, and point-of-sale OEMs.

Our ultimate goal has always been to improve the supply chain for our customers. We take great pride in partnering with customers and helping their businesses grow.

To effectively accomplish our mission, we put in place six core values for day-to-day operations.

6 Core Values of Counterpart, Inc.

The Counterpart, Inc. team leverages our core values in everything we do. Our business runs on collaboration, accountability, integrity, trustworthiness, continuous improvement, and can-do attitude.

Let’s dive into each core value and explain what it means to our metal fabrication company.

1. Collaboration

Our work environment gives everyone the opportunity to drive change in each work area through collaboration with team members. In order for our company to grow, it takes a collective effort between employees and management to make Counterpart, Inc. a company on the move.

2. Accountability

We work together to get the job done. Our entire staff and workforce are personable and kind. With accountability, we’re able to grow our team and metal fabricating services for customers.

3. Integrity

As a full-line precision metal fabricator, we believe there must always be a high level of quality to lead the industry. We value integrity in providing on-time delivery, responsiveness, and clear communication to customers.

4. Trustworthiness

We rely on each other to make every metal fabricating project run smoothly. Trustworthiness is our guiding principle through getting the job done with each other’s help and individual efforts.

5. Continuous Improvement

Our team works with the latest cutting edge technology. Because of this, we make continuous improvements to our day-to-day operations to remain efficient. We apply Kanban inventory management to reorder and replenish stock for only necessary components when working.

6. Can-Do Attitude

When you work at a metal fabrication company like ours, everyone knows your name. Our team’s work ethic and positive, can-do attitude gives us the ability to succeed for our customers.

Work with Us on Metal Manufacturing Support

Now that you know our core values, we welcome you to work with us on manufacturing support or anything your business needs. Contact us to see if our metal fabricating capabilities can help.

Send us a description of the project, relevant production files (.PDF, .DXF, .STP, Solid Files), and services you’re looking for. We’ll compile the quote request and send it your way.